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Brand UX & CRO

Updated: Jan 31

Boost Your Website Brand Experience and Conversions

Use behavioural psychology to increase your Users Experience and motivation to buy.

Brands are unique. The Webshop is the stage where a Brand communicates, since all online communications lead to it. A brand follows its guidelines when communicating online. For brand pages, CRO is generally more challenging since they are unique, and CRO tends to make it easy, almost uniform, and well known for users.

Using the psychology of your brand, I will show you how to create a finger-liking good, converting Brand-UX so you can - just do it and think differently - to boost your conversions.

You will learn the following in this webinar:

- How can we create a unique user experience?

- How can you use CRO tactics for your brand's psychology?

- And how do you measure success?

The Speaker: Fabian is Cogniteer's founder. He has over ten years of experience working in branding in creative agencies and conversion optimization for a number of well-known brands. He holds a master's degree in Business Psychology and is passionate about data-driven optimization.

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